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n Affairs Office, spoke in resp◆3



onse to a question during a news conference about whe9


ther "military for◆ce for reunification" should be eH


mployed. "The recent live-fire drills◆ carried out by the People's Liberation Army have sent an explicit and ◆clear message-we aim to pursue peaceful reunification with sincerityL

a◆nd great efforts, but we have the resolve, the confidence and the abili◆ty to defeat secessionist attempts in any 9


form, to safeguard national s◆overeignty and territorial integrity," Ma said. Last week, the PLA Gro◆und Force and Air Force conducted live-fire exercises and several train◆ing oM

perations in the Taiwan Straits. Ma said the drills targeted a "T◆aiwan independence" force, and the government aims fa



or a peaceful and s◆teady cross-Straits relationship and to protect the common interests of◆ people on both sides of the Straits. "It (the live-fire drill) is a w◆arning to the United StaC

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tes, to Tsai Ie


ng-wen and Lai Chingte," said Wan◆g Hailiang, a researcher of Taiwan studies at the Shanghai Academy of S◆ocial Sciences. Tsai is the island's "president" and Lai is the "premi◆er". "The message is clear. Tx

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ment made by the Taiwan affairs o◆ffice is very sharp and it has sent a strong and clear signal. ... Furt◆her military activities can be carried out around Taiwan if the tension◆ escalates," he said. A series of military and political events betwee◆n the US and the islaW

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nd-such aH

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s whether US Marine Corps units protect ◆the new site of the American Institute in Taiwan-will take place in Ma◆y and nsura, Wang said. "If1

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d Taiwan have recognized the signa◆l from the mainland's military drill, they should keep a low profile to◆ avoid incurring Beijing's anger," he said. Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang sai◆d on Wednesday, "China has always objected if countries with a diplomat◆ic relationship with China establish any form ofX

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official or military c◆onnection with Taiwan," commenting on remarks that US Marines (Xw guard◆ the AIT.BEIJING, March 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday called for ●dz


eepening military-civilian integration, whilex


highlighting sci-tech innovation● as the ke6


y to military upgrading. Chinese President XA


i Jinping, also genera●l secretary of the CoO


mmunist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of t●he Central Military Commission, meets with deputies from grassroots units to th●e 12th National People's Congress (NPC) after a panel discussion in Beijing, ca●pital of China, March 12, 2017. Xi joined a panel discussion with deputies to t●he 12th NPC from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) at the annual session of th●e NPC in Beijing on Sunday. (Xinhua/Li Gang) Speaking to national lawmakers fr●omF


the People's Liberation Army (PLA) at the ongoing annual parliamentary sessi●on, Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Co●mmittee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, said efforts should be● made to provide greater science and technology support for the PLA. Since the● 18th CPC National Congress in late 2012, historic breakthrough in national def●ense and military reform has been made, significant progress in cJ


ombat readines●s has been achieved, and crushing momentum in fighting corruption has been real●ized, he said. Pointing to the profound changes brought by sci-tech advancemen●t to people's lifestyles and the world's military development, Xi said, "We mus●t have a greater sense of urgency to push for sci-tech innovation and advanceme●nt with greater determination and efforts." He called for enhanced top-level d●esign and strategic planning in promoting militav


ry-civilian integration in nati●onal defense technology and military equipment, and strengthening military and ●civilian cooperation in training high-quality military personnel. He urged the● PLA to speed up the transition featuring better quality and performance with t●he intensive application of advanced technologies in army building. Civil tech●nologies should better serve military purposes, and defense technologies should● be adapted and applied well fo8


d, adding that enh0


a●ncing sciz


entific and technologiU


cal attainmu

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ent of officers and men should be a b●asic requirement for the PLA. He noted that the CPC Central Committee's decisi●on to establish a central commission for integrated military and civilid

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an devel●opment2

aims to reinforce centralized and unified leadership. Efforts should be ●made to g

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remove instituti5

onal barriers and work out perfect policies for militar●y and civilian integration6

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13 (Xinhua) -- Vice Chairman of China'◆s Central Military Commission Fan Changlong9

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met wit◆h VietZ

namese Defense Minister Ngo Xuan Lich Friday ◆in Beijing. Vice Chairman of China'B

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s Central Mil◆itary Commission Fan Changlong (1st R) meets with V◆ietnamese Minister of Defense Ngo Xuan Lich (1st L)◆ in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 13, 2017. (Xinh◆ua/Liu Fang) Fan said the Chinese military is read◆y to work with its Vietnamese counterpart to implem◆ent the important consensus reached between leaders◆ of the Communist Party of China aI

nd Communist Part◆y of Vietnam. Armies of the two countries should c◆ontinue to enhance mutual trust, properly manage an◆d control disputes, and help push the China-Vietnam◆ all-round strategic cooperative partnership to a n◆ew level, Fan said. Lich said Vietnam is willing t◆o work with China to expand pragmM

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ontinuous development of the relati◆onship between the two armies. Chinese Defense M◆inister Chang Wanquan meets with Vietnamese Ministe◆r of Defense Ngo Xuan Lich in Beijing, capital ofA



Jan. 13, 2017. (Xinhua/Liu Fang) Also on Fri◆day Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan met with◆ Lich. Chang expressed China's hopes to make joint ◆efforts with the Vietnamese side to ef



e regional◆ peace and stability. Chang proposed the cooperati◆on between the two militaries in fields such as hig◆h-level contacts, personnel training, and border co◆ntrol. Lich said thao


t theY

Vietnamese side is willi◆ng to continue frequent high-level interaction, dee◆pen pragmatic cooperation and propel the relationsh◆ip between the two armies to a new stage.BEIJING, Aug. 21H



inhua) -- In his role as chairman of the Ce◆ntral Military Commission, Xi Jinping has signed orders to gi◆ve honorary titles to two military units for their outstandin◆g services. Troop 7f


7656 is now titled as a "model plateau ba◆ttalion" for its outstanding performance in safeguarding bord◆ers, ensuring stability and helping disaster relief, accordin◆g to a statement Sunday. Navy Submarine 372 was honored as a◆ "model subma3

rine" for performing marine missions with excell◆ence. The whole armed forces were urged to learn from both e◆xamples. v

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In a separate statement also released Sunday, Xi si◆gned orders to award merit citations to four military units a◆nd 15 persons for outstanding services. Troop 66114 was give◆n a first-cl2

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ass merit citati7

on for its outstanding contributi◆on to completing tasks, and units 91515, 94669 and 96261 were◆ given second-class merit citations forn

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their outstandiz

ng per◆formance in strengthening fighting capacity. Chen Deming, a ◆researcher from unit 63620, was awarded a first-class merit c◆itata

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ion. Two others M

were given posthumous first-class merit c◆itations. Twelve individuals, including research fellows, en◆gineers and medical staff, were b

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honored with third-class meri◆t citations.BEIJING, July 1 (Xinhua) -- China will not resort to the threat of for〓ce at will, nor will it "flaunt its military power on others' doorste〓ps a7

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t the drop of a hat," said Xi Jinping, general secretar4

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